Our Specialist Departments

Our experts use industry knowledge, expertise and bespoke solutions to meet the needs of your business. As well as being experts in corporate travel, we also have specialisms in....

Closely-regulated sectors that require costs and duty of care to be closely monitored, such as the pharmaceutical industry, education and charity sectors
MICE Air Travel - tailors air travel options for the meeting, incentives, conference and events industry
Detonate - provides unique services for the entertainment industry

Pharmaceutical  |  Charity  |  Education  |  Entertainment  |  Leisure

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Helping the Pharmaceutical Sector

We know the Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most regulated in UK, and our experts specialise in helping you keep spending under tight control and traveller costs in line with the US Sunshine Act and the European EFPIA Disclosure Code.

We also understand that your work is highly sensitive and so we are committed to delivering your travel plans with absolute discretion, ensuring traveller security is paramount. ...

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Whether it's a team of doctors, school builders or funders, we understand you need to keep costs to a minimum and your people safe.

That is why our specialist team has experience in tracking staff, monitoring projects around
the globe and identifying areas that quickly become "at risk".  ...

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We want your students to have the best experience possible and we also know that school trips come with a huge amount of responsibility. We can help you fulfil the most stringent duty of care requirements, giving you complete visibility of your travellers and assurance that if anyone's journey needs to be cut short, we can get them back swiftly and safely.  ...

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Music Entertainment

Travel for the Music & Entertainment Industry

From established personalities to up-and-coming artists, Detonate, our dedicated department to the Music and Entertainment industry, knows how to move artists around the globe efficiently.

We have over 20 years of specialist expertise and can work to suit any budget and most of all, provide hassle-free travel.  ...

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Holidays and Leisure for Corporates & Individuals

We know the perfect holiday is more that just getting you to your ideal destination. You want a service that is delivered efficiently, consistently and accurately.

Eton Travel has been providing luxury holidays for over 40 years, visit our leisure website www.escapewitheton.com which is available 24/7 with ideas allowing you to escape whenever you like.  ...