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Policy Statement

Eton Travel Ltd has gained an excellent reputation in its forty years of business; a reputation of which we are justifiably proud.

It is our belief that tourism can provide great opportunity and immense benefit to destinations. Tourism can support local economy and conserve cultural and natural heritage. Eton Travel Ltd also understands that tourism and travel can have negative impacts on communities and the environment. We make every attempt to minimise any negative effect, to encourage our customers to do likewise, and to adhere to and support principles of sustainable development.

We comply with all legal requirements to protect the environment, including minimising carbon emissions and maximising waste recycling. All waste paper is recycled; confidential documents are shredded and given to the Egham Swan Sanctuary to support their conservations projects.

As travel experts, our professionals are ideally placed to collate best environmental practice, and use this to assist companies to choose the most environmentally protective option possible, including choosing shorter routes, aircraft with lower emissions, and organising 'greener' meetings and events.

Eton Travel Ltd constantly strives to improve, and understands that to exceed your expectations we must always aim to achieve and move progressively forward.