Focus on delegate satisfaction

Focus on delegate satisfaction

Long journeys, complicated and poorly timed arrivals can colour delegates’ experience of an event. Putting their needs first means they arrive fresh and ready. You get a more engaged audience, and often more budget freed up to invest in the event itself. With increased options to be innovative, attendees will receive the very best possible experience at every point of their trip — and your event will deliver real results. 

Whether you’re managing an incentive, organising a conference or simply getting your team together for an off-site meeting, considering delegate satisfaction is key to success.  Using a Corporate Travel Agency with specialist MICE experience means clear benefits for you and your traveller—especially if travel is put firmly at the start of the planning process. 

We get the best deals:  Regardless of whether it's you or the delegates themselves booking their travel, finding the most suitable option is often time consuming and frustrating.  With access to the best industry fares, such as flash sales to untapped destinations and multi-departure rates for groups, we take off the pressure of the search and secure the best option for you and your delegates.  With all fares at our fingertips, new locations, previously deemed out of reach, can also be explored to give even the most travel weary of attendees a fresh experience.

We recommend the most cost-effective destinations: Starting with the ‘perfect’ destination and working backwards often means additional costs for taxis, overnight stays and dining. Delegate travel becomes complicated and stressful, agenda timings get squeezed and budgets start to spiral. Considering travel at the outset, and being flexible on destination choice, can reduce hassle for delegates and free up budget. With extra funds for technology, catering and more, the whole event experience can be vastly improved. 

We help reduce stress and manage risk: If individuals book their own travel, adhering to organisational guidelines for managing risk becomes almost impossible.  Outsourcing your travel, means all attendee travel is coordinated, stress for you and the delegate is reduced, knowing that any delays, cancellations and amends to travel plans will be in hand, and a single view of where all staff are at any one time is possible. This also means keeping delegate spend in check! 

We help you make the right choices:  We know that considering travel first gives you choices. Before you spend a penny, we will provide travel scenarios, feasibility studies, destination wild cards and budget breakdowns to help assess which option works hardest to maximise delegate experience and meeting impact.  Whilst we provide an excellent travel experience for your attendees, you will have the time and money to focus on delivering a top notch event. Delegates will receive a first class whole event experience—which in turn delivers very real benefits. 

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