Our People

Our impressive staff retention level, highly competitive apprenticeship scheme and a working environment that attracts the best talent in the industry, demonstrates that our investment in our staff pays off.

Our experts are as committed to building relationships as they are to building our business. We take the time to get to know you and we are passionate about the industry.

Meet our shareholders

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Employee Led

" we loved the business so much, we bought the company"

Eton Travel is one of the UK's longest established independent travel companies.

Estabished in 1969, the founder of Eton Travel was looking to sell the company in 2001. So the management team got together to buy the company.

Now, 15 years on, we continue to be an employee-led business and our staff play a key role in our business.

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Job Vacancies

Our people are our greatest asset. We trade on a reputation for providing the best in the business. We provide excellent customer service, from people our clients know and trust, in an environment that’s a million miles from a call centre. We will invest in your career and provide a stimulating, supportive working environment where you will thrive. When people join Eton Travel, they stay.  ...

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Apprentice and Intern Scheme

Apprentice and Intern Scheme

Dedicated to capturing and nurturing the brightest talent, our apprenticeship and internship schemes provides school leavers and young people with an opportunity to learn on the job, get mentored by people at the top of their field and gain industry recognised qualification(s). The benefits work both ways. Our apprentices and interns bring fresh thinking and innovative ideas that inspire us to keep adapting to an ever-changing market place.  ...